Legal Rap

PorHeriberto Blanco Ramírez

Legal Rap

Yo, listen up folks, I got something to say
About Africa law, it ain’t no child’s play
If you’re looking for some legal insight
Check out Africa law, it’s gonna be lit

Give the Grounds for Legal Separation

When it comes to parting ways, it ain’t no fun
But if you gotta split, you gotta know how it’s done
Give the grounds for legal separation is what you need
Key factors explained, so your heart doesn’t bleed

Cash Now Legal Action

Need some cash now, gotta take legal action
Don’t worry, I got you, it ain’t a distraction
Cash now legal action, your guide to relief
No need to panic, no need for grief

HTML5 Modal Form Example

When it comes to web design, you gotta be on fleek
Check out this HTML5 modal form example, unique and chic
Step-by-step guide and a code demo
Your website will be the talk of the town, yo

How to Register Partnership in SEC

If you’re thinking of starting a business, listen to me
How to register partnership in SEC, it’s the key
Step-by-step guide to get you on the right track
Your business will be booming, that’s a fact

EMT Support Requirements

If you’re into saving lives, gotta meet the requirements
EMT support requirements, essential guidelines for training
Get yourself ready, be the hero in the game
You’ll be saving lives, getting all the fame

Something Legal

Finally, if you’re wondering about something legal
Something legal, expert advice to keep it regal
Legal advice and resources, it’s all right here
No need to worry, no need to fear

Dubai Law

For all my peeps in Dubai, I got your back
Dubai law, expert guidance for your business stack
Keep it legal, keep it clean and precise
Your business will be soaring to new heights

Employee Bond Agreement Philippines

If you’re working in the Philippines, gotta know your stuff
Employee bond agreement Philippines, everything you need to know, that’s enough
No need to worry about the legal nitty-gritty
You’ll be good to go, feeling witty

How to Be a Good Legal Assistant

Finally, if you want to be a top-notch assistant
How to be a good legal assistant, essential tips and strategies, that’s persistent
Learn the ropes, be the best of the best
Legal world is calling, pass the test

That’s all for today, folks, hope you enjoyed the rap
Legal world is vast, no need to take a nap
Keep it legal, keep it cool, that’s the rule
Till next time, stay awesome, stay true

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